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This is 1 of 3 pillows I purchased in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.The other 2 are on my kitchen bench as is features in COUNTRY SAMPLER
magazine's HOME TOUR Edition out iMarch 4th.

Silk and fabric Mosaic. Graphic American made from ties. Great vintage example of recycling. This patchwork pillow features gorgeous rich shade and colors. The squares are hand stitched together. The square could be used as a Quilt for Wall, perhaps framed Multicolor Silk Satin mixed with cotton pieces.

Square materials: silk velvet, brocade, damask, satin, floss, printed cotton American and European silk velvets, damasks, brocades, and Probably made in Massachusetts.
Probably 1880- 1920's.

14" x 14" with more recent cotton backing.

Good condition, with some squares that show a little wear and a few square's delicate fabric is torn by age and wear but is still wonderful to be used on vintage settee or chair and everyday life.
Further worn areas could be further stabilized with virtually invisible Crepeline, a sheer conservation fabric.

Colors are: navy blue, federal blue, cocoa brown, burgundy, rust, camel, tan, grey, silver, olive green, etc..

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